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Bringing culture to your event

Ntriwaaa Catering is a well-established catering company which specialises in Ghanaian food. We are proud to be able to offer highly authentic, succulent food, with excellent presentation and service of a very high standard. We are professional, efficient and provide a touch of quality and style to help make your event special. We believe food celebrates life, therefore, food should not only taste good but should also look good. Food represent culture and value, this is why it reflects in everything we do.



Our Story

Agnes was born with sickle cell disease. At age 12, she will gather disadvantaged children and use her pocket money to feed them I moved to UK to further her education at the age of 19 During second year of her HND in business, he developed catalysts on her left eye .

After five operation, the procedure wasn’t successful, I was advised not to have any more procedures done so I stop and lost the vision on the right eye completely, it was such difficult time, so I went back to Ghana for four months.

I deferred my course for a year. I return back to college to finish my HND and HNC with distinction. I then applied to study Business Management and Marketing at University of East London.

During my third year, I found out that, was pregnant with my third child. Due to sickle cell, all my pregnancy are considered risky so most of my dissertation was done from hospital bed.

I graduated with second class upper. I realized I was having continuous back pain after my graduation, it was so bad that, I was out of work for two years, unfortunately, occupational therapy declared me unfit to return to work.

Around this time, I had also developed pulmonary embolism disease (blood clots in the lungs) so I was battling with sickle cell, lost of vision, lower back and upper back pain and Hiatus hernia. I realized it will be difficult to work for someone so with the help of my family and friends, I had to take a bold step.

This is when I decided to make use of my top skills (cooking) so I started cooking for friends and family events.

The feedback were very impressive, people started encouraging me to make something out of my cooking skills, the is how Ntriwaa catering was born in 2015 but under the name happy days catering services which was changed to the current name Ntriwaa catering in 2018.



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