About us

Bringing Culture to Your Event

Ntriwaa catering has been operating since 2015. Before the company was launched, the CEO Agnes surprised everyone by opting to cater for her wedding with a guest of 150. The decision to cater, the quality of services, food presentation, and the authenticity of the food was the highlight of her wedding day. The food is the most remembered experience of her wedding day according to her guests.

What she was trying to achieve was sample, to offer her wedding guests the same experience she brings to her customer’s tables. Today, Ntriwaa Catering specialises in Ghanaian food. We are proud to be able to offer authentic, succulent Ghanaian cuisines in different varieties with a touch of excellent presentation and service of a very high standard.

We are professionals and efficient in what we do. We believe food is a passion therefore, food should not only taste good but should also look good. Our food represents the authentic culture and values of the Ghanaian people. This is why it reflects in everything we do.

Our Story

From a humble beginning, Agnes established the company by first catering for her wedding. The aim was to understand how her customers will receive her services. Where else can that information be gathered if not catering for your own event and receive feedback from your own guests?
From there on, she started learning about the story behind history of the food of her people, she came to understand each piece of food had a story behind it, some Ghanaian food was created out of food scarcity while others were created for cultural celebrations and identity. That was when Agnes discovered her love to offer her customers the authenticity of Ghanaian foods.

She decided to discover and master the art of Ghanaian food by catering for friends and family events without charge but for feedback. By the time she completed her BSC, Agnes has perfected the act of cooking and presenting Ghanaian dishes in her unique ways incorporating modern society and tradition.

In 2015 after devoting 5 years to education and mastering Ghanaian food, Agnes was ready to provide her best services to her customers in London through event catering. She understands the role education plays in good customer service, she continues to develop herself and her team through customer feedback, training and continuous education.

Ntriwaa catering: Food with passion