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Welcome to our event catering page. Here, you will find different menus to suit all types of events. From party to children catering. We have got you covered.

Wedding Catering

A wedding ceremony takes many things for it to become memorable & food is one of the most important aspects of the said event. It is the quality and taste of the food that stays forever in the hearts of attendees.

So, who wouldn’t want to throw a grand feast at their own wedding, that too, if it falls under their budget?

Among our other services, our wedding catering has always been top notch. Ntriwaa is the second name of luxury experience & feasible rates.

Wedding Catering in London 

London is a global capital with one of the most diverse ranges of weddings. People from all sorts of religions and ethnicities reside here and like to celebrate their festivities in accordance to their cultures and traditions. One of the most important events of a man’s life is the day he gets married. Without a doubt, everyone wants their wedding to be the most memorable days of their lives, no matter how grand or intimate it is.

While some prefer lavish wedding ceremonies, the others love small intimate events at home or a private space. However, whichever kind you choose, your main focus is to host sumptuous lunches or dinners at your event.

It’s a known fact that no celebration is complete without a well-cooked spread. Be it brunch, lunch, or dinner, it is the quality of catering that makes an event livelier and more enjoyable.

In the heart of London resides an excellent catering service that surpasses your expectations with its remarkable work. This famous catering service is none other than Ntriwaa London. A name that needs no introduction. Within a very short span of time, Ntriwaa London has managed to attain great repute in town for its extraordinary services and affordability.

Event Catering Menu

Ntriwaa Wedding Catering Services

Ntriwaa Catering brings an amazing opportunity for people who wants scrumptious food in reasonable prices. We serve a variety of delicacies that leave your tastebuds wanting for more.

From high-end cutlery to exquisite crockery and serving dishes, we make sure our food looks as presentable as its taste. We do not only focus on the deliciousness of the spread but also its garnishing and presentation.

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Our Values:

Ntriwaa wedding catering, based in London, can never comprise on its values. These are our top 3 values:

  1. Hygiene
  2. Taste
  3. Presentation

We ensure that our customers never have to face a bad experience when it comes to our catering services. We cook our food keeping in mind all the hygiene standards, within the cleanest environment. Moreover, our main interest is to satisfy our customers with the taste and deliciousness of our food. Last but not the least, Ntriwaa wedding catering ensures to layout the most presentable and good-looking spread. From cleanliness to the garnishing of our well-cooked meals, we ensure meeting the requirements of our prestigious clients.


Salads, pastas, grilled chicken, you name it, we cater for it!

Our wide range of Continental, Chinese and Italian delicacies are second to none! Customer satisfaction is our topmost priority, so we make sure to make your event an unforgettable experience for you & your guests.  We put in 100% effort to present exactly what you have asked for right at your event venue. Due to our honesty and commitment toward our clients, Ntriwaa wedding catering services has managed to become one of the most reliable caterers in town.

You can refer to our testimonials section for the positive feedback we receive from our prestigious clients. We guarantee you an up to the mark experience that falls right on your standards. Book us now and make your events unforgettable!


Ntriwaa caters you at all kinds of venues ranging from a wedding hall to the comfort of your own home. Here’s a detail of venues that we cater to:

  1. Lakeside, Resorts, Farmhouses
  2. Banquet Halls & Marquees
  3. Outdoor Weddings
  4. Indoor Weddings
  5. Country Clubs
  6. Rooftops

These are just a few places, our wedding catering services cover most of London.

Birthdays & Children Party

London being the capital and the largest city of England & the United Kingdom is greatly known for its cultural. It’s the perfect blend of music, festivals, and lifestyle.

Birthdays in London

London being the capital and the largest city of England & the United Kingdom is greatly known for its cultural. It’s the perfect blend of music, festivals, and lifestyle. Birthdays here are no less than an occasion, more so, a festival to many that is celebrated with utmost enthusiasm and zeal. When it comes to children, birthdays are a proper event, mostly celebrated with a theme.

Themed Birthdays

A birthday party that is mostly based on a particular theme is known as the said event. The theme could either be just one specific color, a cartoon character, a superhero, or a Disney princess as well. A themed party does not always need to have proper costumes, it could just be wholesome dinner with a fancy cake and a unique experience. Kids mostly enjoy fun games and food on their birthdays. So, it all comes down to a yummy cake and a delicious spread.

Children Party

There are numerous reasons as to why you need to have a children’s party at your place. A few of those reasons could include celebrating your child’s achievements, hosting neighborhood kids for your children to improve their social skills or just having a regular pool party in summers. It’s a great way to associate pleasure & joy with celebrations. However, all successful children’s parties need to have proper food & snacks for the kids to enjoy to the fullest. This is where our expert team comes into service. Ntriwaa Catering service ensures the quality, taste, hygiene, and presentation of all the eatables. From snacks to starters, main course and desserts, our supremely talented chefs bring forward the best to the table. Our serving style has its own uniqueness and is loved by people of all cultural backgrounds.

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Ntriwaa Birthday Catering

A great birthday needs some amazing food to make it an enjoyable experience for everyone. This is where Ntriwaa comes in service. Ntriwaa London has been catering some delicious food to its customers for occasions like weddings, birthdays, children party, office gathering, etc. Our main motive is to provide you with a wide variety of snacks & lunch or dinner options which falls under your budget and is to your liking too.

Birthday Menu

A variety of snacks and proper meal is served when Ntriwaa caters for you birthdays & children’s party:

  1. Sliders
  2. Burgers
  3. Pizzas
  4. French Fries
  5. Salads
  6. Donuts
  7. Cake
  8. Beverages (Fresh Lemonade, Juices)
  9. Snacks (Chips, Candies & Jellies)

These are just a few items; the menu can be customized as per customer’s choice. Our team has great expertise in serving Chinese, Continental & Italian cuisine. Moreover, we customize our plan as per the affordability of our client, so payment has never been an issue for our valued customers.


Making your event memorable is our top priority. So whichever venue you decide for yourself we will cater according as per your expectations:

  1. Home
  2. Parks
  3. Rooftop
  4. Pool Side
  5. Play Areas

We ensure that our food, crockery, and cutlery match your standards and expectations. Also, if our clients request, we switch from our regular crockery & cutlery to a relatively customized one that matches your themed birthday parties & events.


During a short span of time Ntriwaa Catering has become a reputable catering service in town. With our honesty, commitment, and dedication towards delivering what is best for our clients, we have managed to become a reliable catering service. Head to our testimonial sections and see for yourself how we have been reviewed by our worthy clients.