Funeral Catering

Often in grieving times, you experience loss of appetite resulting in sickness and health deterioration.

Funeral Catering

Catering for a funeral is a way to present food for your guests who are there to pay their condolences. There are two ways you can go about this. Either find a catering service or prepare the meal yourself. However, in such tough times, no one can do extra exertion. It is best if you just leave this to professionals and take your time to deal with the grieving process. Funeral catering menus may include specific kinds of cuisines, or beloved colors that can help you convey some warmth and profound comfort. It is important to not go overboard and make it look like a grand feast, keeping in mind the sentiments of the family.  

We value our clients and their feelings, so our main concern is to respect them. We only do what is required and ensure that the said lunch or dinner remains as simple as it can be.

Funeral Catering Services

We just need to be informed about the average number of attendees so that we can prepare the food even at short notice. The food we cater entirely depends upon the client’s choice. Most clients demand traditional courses that are mainly had by close friends and family. Sometimes, just to pay tribute to the departed soul, they order a dish that was relished in his or her lifetime.

Funeral Catering Menu


Often in grieving times, you experience loss of appetite resulting in sickness and health deterioration. Loss of a loved one is a deep wound that takes forever to heal. However, it is necessary to still take care of yourself as life goes on. You must live in the present for your family, friends, & most importantly your own self.

So, no matter how difficult it seems, one needs to be taken care of, especially health wise.

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Ntriwaa Catering Menu

Ntriwaa is an expert when it comes to Catering Services. Our team of professional chefs and distributors ensure quality food that makes your events memorable. Even for funerals, we offer catering services at short notice. Our aim is to be there for our valued clients and customers in their tough time and provide all kinds of assistance that we can.

Ntriwaa Catering Service tries to keep funeral dinners as basic and manageable as possible. Our Catering services will take care of everything that will allow families to comfort mourners who are still left to deal with emotions related to the loss of their loved ones.


For beverages we stick to coffee, tea, soda, water, and juice. Moreover, hot food is served by our team to provide nourishment and comfort to those participating in the mourning tradition. 

Ntriwaa Funeral Services cater to all your funeral needs, so that there is one less tension for the grieving families when it comes to food and its presentation. From crockery to cutlery, napkins to serving dishes, we manage everything on our own.

Our team just wants an idea related to the following list and then we are good to go:

  1. How many people will attend?
  2. Where will the funeral be held?
  3. How much do you want to spend?


Catering Venue:

The venue for your reception will determine how simple or elaborate you need to keep the food.

Mostly Ntriwaa caters to following funeral venues:

  • Church Hall
  • Late’s Home
  • Garden Area
  • Burial Site
  • Crematorium

In any of the cases listed above, you will need food that can be kept warm in slow cookers or in chafing dishes.

That’s all for our funeral catering services. For more details and booking info, you can contact us on our given number. Our team will get in touch with you and cater to all your needs!