Ghanaian Gastronomy: Birthday Catering Delights

Ghanaian cuisine reflects the country’s cultural diversity and history, blending local ingredients with influences from various regions and ethnic groups. Staple foods such as fufu (pounded cassava and plantain) and banku (fermented corn and cassava dough) form the basis of many dishes, accompanied by flavorful soups, stews, and sauces.

Key Elements of a Ghanaian Birthday Party Catering Menu

  1. Appetizers and Starters:
    • Kelewele: Spicy fried plantains, often served with peanuts or hot pepper sauce.
    • Akara: Deep-fried bean cakes, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.
    • Suya: Skewered and grilled meat seasoned with spicy peanut sauce.
  2. Main Courses:
    • Jollof Rice: A flavorful one-pot dish of rice cooked with tomatoes, onions, and spices.
    • Waakye: Rice and beans cooked in a savory broth, often served with fried fish or chicken.
    • Banku and Tilapia: Grilled tilapia fish served with fermented corn and cassava dough.
  3. Side Dishes:
    • Ghanaian Salad: A refreshing mix of vegetables with a tangy dressing.
    • Gari Fortor: Grated cassava cooked with oil and spices, often served as an accompaniment.
  4. Desserts:
    • Kelewele Cake: A cake infused with the flavors of spicy plantains and cinnamon.
    • Ghanaian Doughnuts: Deep-fried dough balls dusted with sugar, known locally as “bofrot.”
  5. Beverages:
    • Hibiscus Tea (Sobolo): A refreshing drink made from hibiscus petals, often sweetened with pineapple or ginger.
    • Palm Wine: A traditional alcoholic beverage made from the sap of palm trees, known for its slightly sweet and sour taste.

Ntriwaa Catering: Ghanaian Birthday Party Catering Packages

Ntriwaa Catering specializes in providing authentic Ghanaian culinary experiences for special occasions like ghanaian birthday party catering menu. Their catering packages are tailored to suit different preferences and group sizes, ensuring a memorable dining experience for guests. Here are some highlights of their offerings:

  • Package 1: Traditional Delights
    • Includes a variety of appetizers, main courses, and desserts showcasing traditional Ghanaian flavors.
    • Ideal for those looking to experience a comprehensive selection of Ghanaian dishes.
  • Package 2: Premium Celebration
    • Offers a luxurious spread with specialty dishes such as grilled seafood and premium cuts of meat.
    • Perfect for upscale birthday celebrations where culinary excellence is paramount.
  • Package 3: Customizable Buffet
    • Allows flexibility in choosing specific dishes to cater to diverse tastes and dietary preferences.
    • Suitable for larger gatherings where guests have varying culinary preferences.


In conclusion, celebrating a birthday with Ghanaian cuisine offers a unique opportunity to indulge in vibrant flavors and cultural richness. Ntriwaa Catering stands out for its commitment to delivering authentic Ghanaian dishes that ensure every birthday party is a memorable and delicious affair. Whether opting for traditional favorites or exploring premium selections, the catering menu promises to delight guests and create lasting culinary memories.

By choosing Ntriwaa Catering, hosts can rest assured that their Ghanaian birthday party will be a flavorful and festive occasion, where food becomes a centerpiece of celebration and cultural appreciation.

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