Office Event Catering:

Welcome to our office Catering page, we have different food options for you to choose, but if there is any other Ghanaian food you wish for that is not on our menu. Please email your request to (


Ntriwaa Catering brings the vibrant flavours of Ghanaian cuisine to your office setting, elevating your corporate events with a delicious taste of West Africa. From aromatic stews to succulent grilled meats, our menu celebrates the rich diversity of Ghanaian culinary traditions, offering a tantalizing array of dishes sure to satisfy every palate. Whether it’s a team meeting, client luncheon, or corporate event, Ntriwaa Catering delivers an unforgettable dining experience, blending authenticity with professionalism to ensure your office gatherings are a flavorful success.

Office Catering Menu

Office Catering

Going out for lunch breaks every single day is not possible and economical at the same time. Also, if you like home cooked food then making a proper meal daily can become quite tedious as well. So, this is where office catering comes into action!

Ntriwaa office catering service provides you with scrumptious meals every single day! We make no compromises on health, hygiene, and taste! We deliver quality with quantity! Our moto is to offer delicious lunch and dinner servings that fall right under your budget.

Office Event Catering

If you have gotten engaged, married, promoted, had a baby & you are planning on giving a treat to your colleagues, then look no further! Ntriwaa Office Event Catering service has got your covered! We have catered for more than 100 office events till now & it is safe to say that each time has been a huge success.

Diet Food Catering

Sitting in an office all day might take a toll on your physical health resulting in obesity. So, for health-conscious people, we offer customized diet food plans that are affordable and as per your taste too!

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Our Menu

We offer a wide range of lunch and dinner options, as well as diet food. We can also bring along your favorite beverages (tea, coffee, fresh juices, soft drinks, etc.).

  1. Salads
  2. Beverages
  3. Chicken
  4. Pasta
  5. Stir Fried/Steamed Vegetables
  6. Rice
  7. Soups
  8. Steaks

Event Catering Menu

Our office event catering menu is very diverse and highly customizable. From pizzas to burgers, steaks to pastas, dumplings to soups, you name it, we deliver it!

All kinds of beverages and main courses are served in such events. Some offices also hold parties and seminars of their own. Our hi-tea menu has made rounds around town for such events and has proven to be quite fulfilling yet very light on the stomach. We make sure that we use fresh ingredients and high-quality meat in our deliverables.

In our desert sections we offer a wide variety of brownies, cupcakes, tarts, muffins, cakes, creme Brule & much more! All kinds of jellies and custards, along with cheesecakes and much more is offered by Ntriwaa office catering.


From specific halls to office rooftops or dedicated event space, we cater at all kinds of venues. We ensure to bring quality food to your event with great presentation, cutlery, and crockery of your choice! If you don’t want to get into the trouble of handling fancy dishes, we have come up with disposable utensils too. This will ensure lesser clutter.


Our valued customers have bestowed us with their highly positive remarks. Head to our testimonials section and see for yourself!

Don’t forget to place an order for your events and leave it up to us to make them special 7 memorable for you!