Cooking Guide: How to make Butterfly King Prawn

King prawn butterfly is one of the best and simplest prawn recipes. If you love seafood, you’ll know that king prawns are the creme-de-la-creme when it comes to eating prawns. So, prepare them in the best way possible and make this excellent king prawn butterfly recipe in a matter of minutes.

This king prawn butterfly combines beautiful prawns with a pinch of Indian spices. Even better, you can spin this recipe in any direction you want. For example, you can add chilli powder, paprika powder, garlic, you name it. In addition, you can also interchange king prawns with regular prawns (as a cheaper alternative).

However, I recommend sticking to the king prawns. They are much fleshier and are more suitable for deep frying. Enjoy and let me know how it works out for you.

King Prawn Butterfly Recipe

I love cooking with seafood, especially with prawns, which are a highly versatile ingredient. You can find them in practically any cuisine (of a country that has a coastline). Hence, this king prawn butterfly can turn in any direction. Although, this recipe has a subtle Indian vibe due to the addition of the spices.

If you fall in love with this king prawn butterfly, then you can inspire yourself with these additional prawn recipes:

  • Pan-fried garlic butter prawns – a classic combination best served with lemon juice
  • Ginger Prawn with soy sauce prawns with a punch of flavour (you can also add soy sauce for extra umami flavour to this king prawn butterfly)
  • Grilled Chilli and soy marinated prawns – you can also omit the chilli and serve this to your children
  • Peri-Peri prawns – excellent with a side salad or a rice dish
  • Grilled Apricot and hoisin glazed prawns – this is a gourmet-style prawn dish
  • Prawns in spicy coconut sauce – this coconut sauce is excellent also for this king prawn butterfly.

All of these prawn recipes are really easy to master. Have I tempted you to add one of these on your weekly menu?

How To Fry Butterfly Prawns

First and foremost, I highly recommend using king prawns. Although, prawns work equally well in the king prawn butterfly recipe. Nevertheless, the king prawns have better flesh and they are larger. And, of course, the best type of king prawns are purchased at your local fishmonger. Tip: You can ask your fishmonger to give you de-veined clean king prawns. This will speed up the preparation process by many minutes.

Otherwise you are going to have to complete this process yourself, in which case make sure you have a good knife handy.

Tip: Don’t let the oil in the deep-fryer overheat. Otherwise, you’ll burn your king prawn butterfly in an instant. Make sure your oil is just the right temperature. Also, you don’t want to make your king prawn flesh dry and rubbery. 

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